What should I do before new undergraduate research assistants start?

You will set the research agenda and expectations for student work. Beyond recruiting students, you may also want to recruit and train graduate student mentors. If this is your first time mentoring undergraduates, also plan to spend some time educating yourself about effective mentoring. 

If you are hosting a group of student researchers, you may wish to plan an end-of-program event, such as a poster session or symposium. Consider how to assess your undergraduate research program, for example, with the Survey of Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE).

Make sure your students will have the resources they need to be comfortable and successful. You may need to work with colleagues at your local institution to arrange for:

  • Payroll or academic credit;
  • Access to any physical lab spaces, including keys or keycard access;
  • Accounts for shared computing resources;
  • Individual office space and computers;
  • Housing and relocation for visiting students.