Can I apply for teaching positions with an MS degree?

Almost all tenure-track professorships require a PhD degree, even at teaching-focused institutions. However, many computer and information science departments have non-tenured teaching positions that are available to individuals who have an MS degree or extensive industry experience.

Many CS departments have teaching focused positions targeted at individuals with an MS degree or extensive industry experience. The titles of these positions vary considerably: Professor of Practice, Clinical Faculty, Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer are examples.  Some positions have an academic rank, but almost none will offer tenure as is done in regular faculty appointments.

Teaching in primary and secondary education (K-12) is also increasingly possible across the United States, and does not require graduate degrees in computing. Each state has its own pathways, but they often involve getting a Masters in Teaching or earning a teaching certificate through other professional pathways. See the CS for All consortium for high level details about this movement, and ways to engage in your particular state.